Monday the 13th of January Brian Krebs published on his blog that he had sources telling him that the day after, Microsoft would release software updates that would fix a vulnerability in the Windows Crypto API.

And indeed, the day after on the 14th of January, NSA released a cybersecurity advisory that disclosed a vulnerability in the crypto API. This vulnerability allowed an attacker to defeat the certificate validation in Windows 10 and it would affect TLS, code signing etc.

Less than 24 hours later, security researcher Salim Rashid published a proof of concept on his twitter account showing that…

Monad? What the h…ll is he talking about?

In this post i’m going to try to explain what a monad is, and then we are going to implement a simple Try/Catch Monad in Java.

Disclaimer, this is written for beginners that have a hard time understanding what a Monad is. It is not written for experienced functional programmers, and I will avoid any of the philosophical arguments that “real” Monads don’t exist in Java because how Java handles “null” wrongly.

This is is for beginners, and is written for beginners.

If you google Monads you will see that there are…

Reactive programming is very popular today and if you ask me i think it is going to change programming in a big way.

In short Reactive programming means that we strive for having non-blocking application where no one has to wait for anything. Think of an application where data just flows straight through in the most efficient way with no delays or waiting times.

Sadly there are still some problems in the reactive world. Most of the SQL drivers (if not all of them) that are in use today are inherently blocking.

They read/write to the database and as this…

Thomas Andolf

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